Gem Diggers is a Bible-based boardgame for the whole family. It is designed primarily for Jehovah’s Witnesses. The game is played using a quad-fold board, 3 decks of cards based on three unique categories, a 60-second timer and hand-crafted tokens to indicate movement around the board.

Gem Diggers will provide wholesome entertainment for family and friends. It's an engaging, fun and interactive way to instill an even deeper love for the many spiritual gems in Jehovah’s word. The game will also help you to memorise important Bible verses. We know that you will enjoy it with fellow believers, whether used during Family Worship, social gatherings, or other upbuilding activities!



Some videos of friends from around the world enjoying the game (incl. Zoom footage)


Read what friends from around the world say about us.

I received the game this morning, and I must thank you and all who had a part for the hard work put into creating it! It looks fantastic, really looking forward to enjoying some time with family and friends playing it. Excellent quality. Thank you so much for the hard work put into creating it!

Aaron - Scotland

Hi David. Well done on creating this great game! We had so much fun playing it!

Shawnda - USA

Hi David. What an awesome game! I had my doubts initially but since it arrived we've been playing it non-stop. The kids love it! A truly wonderful gift from Jehovah!

Jayoon - Philipines

Hi David. Congratulations on developing a really excellent board game. I enjoyed playing it and really like the way it stimulates the players to think about spiritual matters in a fun way. Well done!

Mark - Cape Town

We played the game over the weekend and had such a laugh. And so many interesting facts that prompted further research - thank you my brother for this wonderful gift!

Chris - Cape Town

We received our game yesterday and can't get over how beautifully made it is!! The quality of the materials used is outstanding!! It has definitely been worth the wait - we really appreciate it!!

Heather - United Kingdom

Good morning David, just want to say thank you for the wonderful boardgame you have created. We played it a number of times with our brothers and sisters here in Knysna. I really appreciate your work and research, we have also enjoyed doing additional research because of the game - such a great, fun way to learn about Jehovah!

Joanne - Knysna

Hi David, hope you're well? Just wanted to let you know the game is HUGE hit! We've just had our Circuit Visit and played it at a gathering with many, many laughs!! I've had a request from my cong to get another 2 board games. Thanks again!

Marisa - Johannesburg


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Gem Diggers is a theocratic board-game, designed to stimulate quick and creative thinking. Players are challenged to describe, act out and answer clues or trivia questions within a sixty second time limit. The game is split into three categories and covers a broad range of subject material. This includes biblical characters, events, places and theocratic terms. The game is also geared toward memorizing important Bible verses.

The three categories: Describe, Action & Trivia


Preparing to play the game

  • Shuffle each deck and place the cards face down on the board according to their category.
  • Make sure that the category card remains at the top of each deck.
  • Place the tokens and timer on the board and you're nearly all set!

Determining the teams and starting the game

  • The game is played by two to six teams. Each team must have two or more players.
  • Each team is represented by a unique token used to advance through the game.
  • Position one member from each team around the board, with each in turn rolling the die.
  • The team with the highest roll will start the game. If more than one team ties for highest roll, those teams will roll again until an outright winner is determined.
  • The highest rolling team selects their token, after which all other teams select their tokens and place these on the 'start' square.
  • The playing tokens are as follows: Bible; Breastplate of Righteousness; Coin; Noah's Ark; Fish and the Ten Commandments
  • The highest rolling team takes a card from the 'Describe' deck, activates the 60-second timer and the game commences.
  • Teams will play clockwise from the left of the team that starts.
  • A different team member acts as 'Gem Master' in each round. Remaining team members are 'Gem Diggers.'
  • The Master will take one card from the Describe deck and the sixty second timer is activated.
  • The Master must describe each clue on the card within the allotted time.
  • Clues on the card do not need to be described in the order in which they appear on the card. For instance a Gem Master could start with the Bible Scripture challenge if he / she so desires. Likewise Gem Masters can skip to other clues on the card if the team cannot guess a particular clue.
  • There is no limit to the amount of guesses that can be made.
You may not use any of the following:
  • Words that appear on the card, either in whole or in part.
  • Descriptions using ‘sounds like’ or ‘rhymes with’.
  • Letter (s) of the alphabet (i.e. ‘starts with the letter . . .’).

Bible Scripture Challenge

  • The final clue is a Bible verse. The Master will read the verse aloud and the Diggers have to guess the book, chapter and verse.
  • At the end of the round, place the card face down at the bottom of the Describe deck.
  • Ensure that the 'cover card' remains at the top of each deck.


  • For each correct answer (for the first six clues) the team gets half a point.
  • For the correct answer to the 7th clue (Bible Scripture) the team gets one point.
  • Teams advance one square for each point scored.
  • The maximum amount of squares a team can advance in one round is 4.
  • There is a total of six 'Action' squares on the board, indicated by a yellow 'mute emoji' on a green background.
  • The Master will take one card from the Action deck and the sixty second timer is activated.
  • The Master must act out each clue on the card within the allotted time.
  • The Master can use gestures or facial expressions but is not allowed to speak or make any sound.
  • There is no limit to the amount of guesses that can be made.
  • Teams can agree as to how strict they want to be in Action mode, and the answers do not need to be given word-for-word.
  • Teams can also decide whether to allow sound-effects or not beforehand.


  • For each correct answer the team gets one point and can advance one square.
  • If a team completes all three clues within the 60-second time limit they move one extra square.
  • The maximum amount of squares a team can advance in one round is 4.
  • There is a total of six 'Trivia' squares on the board, indicated by a yellow 'thinking emoji' on a red background.
  • The Master will take one card from the Triva deck and the sixty second timer is activated.
  • The Diggers must nominate one person per round to act as spokesman for that round.
  • The Master asks the questions and the Diggers can deliberate.
  • When satisfied with an answer, the spokesman gives the team's answer.
  • Questions become progressively more difficult on each card.
  • Teams will move back one space for each incorrect answer.
  • Teams will not be penalised if they choose not to guess for a particular clue.


  • For the first two questions, a team gets half a point.
  • For the third question, a team gets one point.
  • For the fourth question, a team gets two points.
  • The maximum amount of squares a team can advance in one round is 4.
  • The first team to reach the final square has the opportunity to win the game. In order to win the game, the other competing teams have to agree on which type of card they need to complete (Describe, Action or Trivia).
  • In order to complete the game a team must answer all the questions on the card that is chosen by the other teams within the allotted time.
  • Teams can agree to allow more time for the final card up to a maximum of two minutes (to be agreed beforehand).
  • If the team does not answer all the questions correctly their token shall remain on the final square until the next round, when they will get another opportunity to complete the game using the same procedure as before.


The idea for Gem Diggers originated when a group of friends got together for a Group Family Worship project and decided to create a boardgame based on Bible Knowledge / Trivia. We designed the board, had it printed but left the squares blank, with the idea being for the more artistic among us to colour these in on the day with various images associated with the Organization.

Each person would write down 10 ‘clues’ which were words or phrases from the bible, publications or other Organizational material. We divided into teams, and each team was represented on the board by a hand-made clay polymer ‘token’ (miniature objects / artefacts). One person in each team would try to describe these words / phrases without saying the actual words, while the others would try and guess. The teams would advance around the board based on the amount of described clues correctly guessed.

We had so much fun with this game that a few of the friends suggested I create a 'proper, professional' version for friends around the world to play. Using my background in design and web development, I created the game you are reading about now. It has evolved slightly since its genesis, but the object has ever been the same: To provide all those who love Jehovah with a fun, interactive and engaging way to 'enhance your store of spiritual gems!'

Please Note: All clues have been meticulously researched!